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What is Regent Street?

Regent Street Photography is the pride and creative focus of owner, Regent Brown. With the help of many colleagues and friends, Regent Street has become a full service photography provider. We specialize in Portfolio Development, Portraits, Urban Photography and Weddings; but offer services to meet any photographic needs. Along with a network of independent artist, we strive to bring high quality images to every clients life.

Our name is inspired by the owner's first name, Regent...and yes that is her name! Her vision included the actual "Regent Street" in London's West End, which is known for its high fashion shops and art museums. It has become a home to many artist along with being a gathering place for creative inspiration and exhibit. What a better name could describe our outlook.


Who is Regent Street...A Little About your Photographer.

My name is Regent Brown. I am a partner, mother, sister, friend and lover of creative expression. Even though I have been blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest, I was raised in Tempe, Arizona (outside Phoenix). I, along with four legged kiddos, now enjoy the mild summers in the heart of Seattle. I relish at the opportunity at providing images to families & individuals to cherish. 


One question is asked of me at every event...“How did you get into Photography?” I jokingly remark, "They made me do it!" Ok, so my friends and family didn’t MAKE me, but they did foster and support my desire and talent to do something I love. One day I knew it was time I share that gift with others who will value what a photo can bring to someone's life.

With the support of my adoring family and friends, I set out to do my dream. Taking pictures!  Many photographers do find themselves wanting to be more serious about their images after a long time of being a novice. However it takes time, practice, and dedication just as most skill based careers do. And with luck, a significant talent.

I still see the world as my canvas and my camera as my tool to express my art. I strive to make each image personal to my surroundings, my clients, and the events in which I photograph, inventive, different and far from traditional. I seek to create images your "friend" may give you as a memento. Even though I often take the "standard" poses, I more often look at my subject from an artist point of view. By choosing Regent Street for your photographic services, you are choosing to be a professional work of art. Hence the birth of Regent Street Photography,Inc.  


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In special memory of our loving Lollie. She was an amazing pup who brought such smiles and love to our home.

This year as I smell the flowers that cross my path

I will remember her joy each fall with leaves to run through and wild flowers to munch on. Thank you for being my gift.

Rest In Peace. May 1993- June 2008


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