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Our philosophy is to provide professional, high quality, affordable imagery to all individuals, families, and businesses. We understand and recognize that budgets may not always allow for extras and strive to bring the precious memories photographs capture to anyone.


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What We Do

We take pictures! That's the obvious answer, but what we really do...

Here at Regent Street Photography, we believe in the power and inspiration that photographs bring to our spirit. The right photo at the right moment, that is what we strive to preserve. We create images for families, individuals and professionals to enhance their careers and lives. Our goal is to provide photography that a special friend or family member would. Everyone has that "Uncle Ray" in their family who is always snapping shots at family events. Birthdays, weddings, graduation. But Ray is never in any of the pictures! Regent Street would like to be everyone's "Personal Photo Friend", to take those candid special memories, yet allow all to enjoy in moment. By having your own "Personal Photo Friend", you get more attention; photos that represent who you are, or maybe what product you sale, or maybe that moment you will never recapture. We ask all our clients what they need and want from the images we produce, in hopes to always achieve the highest expectations.


We look forward to being your "Personal Photo Friend"!


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